Its seems to be a real tough year for loosing some great contributors to the arts. It really hit home yesterday hearing the passing of bass legend Victor Bailey. He was one of my biggest influences, I love his ferocious articulation on the instrument and i learnt a lot from transcribing his work. He was definitely one of the guys who really opened me up to vocabulary and paying attention to phrasing.

I knew Victor had been suffering for a number of years due to his illness (Charcott Marie Tooth disease) and had some problems with medical care and insurance. He used a site to help with funding medical bills so i thought it should be shared. I feel it is really important to take note of circumstances like Victor’s, if you ever feel like doing something worthy, maybe give someone from this site a little donation. Click here to check out the site.

Also thought it might be worth sharing some info on Charcott Marie Tooth disease. I think it might be a great way to pay tribute by donating to the organisation just click here to find out more (Note this is the UK site but there should be links to worldwide sites).

All other info visit Vic’s website

Here some of my favourite clips of Victor at work. Note the last clip is a ripper and performing in his mobility scooter.

RIP Victor Bailey 🙁


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