Thought i would jump on this bass challenge presented by bassist Thaddeus Johnson, I’m a bit late but it seemed like so much fun. Its also known as #JoBroBassGrooveChallenge

Here’s the link to the dropbox for the backing track if you wish to get involved.

if you want to give this a try.

I will be doing a transcription series on my favourite videos of this challenge. Look out for this in the coming week.

Hope you enjoy my video.
Here was the original post to the challenge

**MAKE THIS GO VIRAL** Yoooo so I wanted to start somethin fun with my peers on My Social Media Pages and here it is…. The 1st #JoBroBassGrooveChallenge!!! This challenge is NOT a competition but is jus something fun for us musicians to do amongst each other ! So I’m challenging my fellow bass players to post a video playing THIS Groove ! This One i snatched from the legendary Chuckii Booker (@chuckiibooker let’s hear your take on it! Make sure u tag me (Tjmusic21) or jus hashtag #JoBroBassGrooveChallenge to make sure we can all enjoy your piece of the conversation! Let’s have some fun!



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