Here’s a clip of a new project I’m currently involved in, please check out our video of a first rehearsal back in January this year.

The Alyn Cosker Group features the outstanding talents of pianist Steve Hamilton(Billy Cobham, Bill Bruford), guitarist Davie Dunsmuir(Maggie Reilly) and Drummer Alyn Cosker(Joe Locke, Tommy Smith). The music conveys Alyn’s love of artists such as Sting, Peter Gabriel, Steely Dan, Jaco Pastorius, celtic music star Michael McGoldrick, in a groove based electric band with challenging yet accessible time signatures.

‘I can honestly say that Alyn Cosker is one the best drummers I have ever played with. He is equally at home in a small group setting , with all of the sensitivities that go with it, and then changes gears to be the driving force behind a large ensemble. Alyn Cosker can basically do it all, adding his own style to the mix. I look forward to playing with him again in the future!’ – Saxophonist Bill Evans

We are due to be releasing an album this summer.
Please Follow us at here.


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