Hey Folks,

I hope the start to the new year has been productive for you all. I have to apologise on the lack of activity on the site over the past month. Things have been real busy for me on the work front but i am slowly winding done now to a quiet February.

I have been working on some ideas with AC Guitars and we have some exciting new to bring you in the coming weeks. I had the pleasure of making a little introduction video for AC Guitars so please check out the video and share with friends. You can find all information at http://www.acguitars.co.uk/


Now that things are winding down i promise to get some new transcriptions posted ASAP. I have had tons of requests from you all and not had much time to respond so please be patient. I plan to go hard at it in the coming weeks. If you haven’t done so already please follow me on facebook and twitter for all the latest news.


Thank you all for your patients and support






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