Papanegro Artwork
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Papanegro is a band recognized Chilean of funk created in 1998 . To date, they have released four studio albums, done countless national tours and spread internationally their promotional singles rankings remarkable position in radio and television.

In 2000 won the third version of the youth festival of Chile’s most important bands, began to attract media attention to television and radio , besides appearing in multiple scenarios. Three years later they recorded their first album ” overactive “, nominated for Best Album of the Year at the awards Altazor . This production highlighted the Wokman singles, all is well, and Cortentrete Papanegro, all radios rotation, MTV and Via X. The same year also participate in “Generations. Duet Two times” from Sony Music , where versioned with Luz Eliana Although the song.
In 2005 released ” Compact “, which was attended by Jorge Gonzalez , leader of the Prisoners . From this record out issues like autonomy, whose clip excelled as Best Video of the Year by the site, Hey Dude! Central theme of the hit children’s TVN “Block” and the promotional abuse, which drew attention crudeness of the subtle visual content of its clip.
The 2007 is a year of change for Papanegro since abandoned the traditional music distribution, deciding to give his third plate through Internet . ” 7 “, a project that combines music, picture and free, was released on July 7 , 2007 (07/07/07), and brought together seven songs, seven visual artists and 7 days when song after song was released by his website . The new album was downloaded thirty thousand times, and stood for the election of its first single, knockout, so chosen democratically by their own fans and was widely rotation in Rock & Pop .
Later Papanegro enters a recording silence following the departure of founding guitarist Noah Gabriel, when you break in May 2012 with the release of ” IAMGOD “.

Thumb slapping bass provided by Mario Garcia.

Hand crafting endless possibilities