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High on You is the first solo album by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Sly Stone, released by Epic/CBS Records in 1975. It reflects the beginnings of change in the concept of “Sly and the Family Stone”. Formerly a tangible self-contained band, the Family Stone broke up in January 1975 after a disastrous booking at the Radio City Music Hall. At this point, most of the band members parted company with Stone, except for trumpeter Cynthia Robinson, his brother guitarist Freddie Stone, and backup singers Little Sister. With subsequent recordings, Stone returned to using the name of his former band, although they were largely solo recordings.

From this point on, each “Sly & the Family Stone” album would essentially be a Sly Stone solo recording, with contributions from a varying group of collaborators. Sometimes, members of the original Family Stone would participate in the sessions, and sometimes session players and new members would work with Stone as well. For the most part, however, Stone performed a large part of the instrumentation for each song on his own using multitracking (as he had been doing for Family Stone LPs since There’s a Riot Goin’ On in 1971). This album, like the others, includes a combination of all three types of recordings, plus a handful of songs recorded before the band’s dissolution.

High on You’s first single was the R&B number-three hit “I Get High on You”. The LP’s second single, “Le Lo Li”, failed to chart within the R&B Top 40, as did the third, “Crossword Puzzle”. All three singles missed the U.S. pop Top 40.

Besides its standard stereo release, High on You was also released in quadraphonic sound.

The album prominently features vocalist Rudy Love.

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