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Level 42 is the debut album released in 1981 by the British group Level 42.

It is best known for the track “Love Games”, which became a successful jazz–funk and dancefloor hit for the band (reaching number 38 on the UK pop charts). It has figured in both L42’s and bassist Mark King’s solo live appearances to this day. Also gaining substantial dance airplay on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean was the track “Starchild”, with Lindup on vocals.

The second single, “Turn it On”, released in the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Canada, peaked at #47 in the UK single charts.

The third single, “Starchild”, has been released in six countries beyond the United Kingdom (peak position: #57), including the United States of America, where it entered the Club Play Singles at #60. In 2001, it was re-released by the label Peppermint Jam Records in the United Kingdom and Germany.

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