Groove (From Youtube Video) Artwork
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“Brazilian bassist Junior Ribeiro “BRAGUINHA” entered the music world at a very young age; taking his first steps playing in a church band with his father, then making his first professional recordings at age 14. Since then he has been focusing on developing versatility and mastering various techniques and rhythms.

His dedication and diligence has enabled him to create and own a peculiar playing style; blending unique origins of Brazilian music, jazz, fusion, funk, and world music.

He has made his mark in the Brazilian gospel and secular market, playing and recording with various artists, which include: Raiz Coral, Leila Moreno, Sérgio SAAS, Jack Ribas, Thalles Roberto, Graça Cunha, Leonardo Gonçalves, Audiophilicos (Dave Matthews Cover), Daniela Araujo, Julio Cesar (Ídolos), Ton Carfi, Melk Villar, Banda Gerd, Paloma Possi, Renato Max, Rafael Araujo, Bob Jonathon, Coral Kemuel, Mari Rocha, and Família Soul.

Braguinha has also worked with renowned Brazilian artists such as: Cacau Santos, André Guede, Fininho Drums, Mangoth, Alexandre Aposan, Miguel Garcia, Moises Alves, Luiz Ribeiro, Silvio Depieri, Jorginho Neto, Cleverson Silva, Marcelo Feritas, Jessé, and Ivan Teixeira”

Hand crafting endless possibilities