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Dario was born in Salerno, Italy, in 1968. He started playing bass at a young age and is said to be as proficient on piano as he is on bass. The list of players he’s accompanied is long, very long, and very heavy weight, including cats like Benny Golson, Mulgrew Miller, Bob Mintzer, Bireli Lagrene, Randy Brecker, Kurt Rosenwinkel, to name just a few. His musical focus is decidedly in the Jazz camp, but don’t sideline Dario if you’re not particularly enamored with Jazz. His original music is very accessible, melodic, and infused with serious groove.

Dario plays both electric and upright bass. His instrument of choice, however, appears to be a ’66 Fender Jazz Bass (according to fellow Italian bassist Marco Panascia on TalkBass), a clear nod in the direction of Mr. Pastorius. He also plays a late ‘60s Fender Coronado short scale bass and I’ve seen photos of him playing a Gibson Ripper. It’s interesting that in a time when high-end multi-string basses are readily available, a guy who can do so much on the bass chooses four-string instruments with limited range. His playing is so musical, however, that I’ve never found myself thinking that he could do more with a five- or six-string bass. Somehow, that’s even more impressive.

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