Daric Bennett’s – Shuffle Groove Artwork
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At the age of 9, Daric picked up his first bass. Growing up, Daric always had an interest in music. Daric’s father, Lonnie Bennett, who is an accomplished Steel guitar player, encouraged him to play the bass guitar.  Being surrounded by musicians in his family and also growing up in the church, Daric has a firm foundation and background in music. Daric taught himself in the beginning and quickly advanced in his playing when he started studying music theory in school. He plays all genres but has studied mostly classical and jazz throughout his high school and college years. Daric now tours regularly with the Campbell Brothers, the Slide Brothers, presented by Robert Randolph as well as other gospel and blues groups. He has played on numerous albums and countless live performances that mark his professional career. Daric is a very well respected bassist in the gospel community. He values faith, punctuality and diligence. Those values have played a big role in his success. Daric lives in Rochester, NY with his wife, Johnnita Bennett and is looking forward to whatever his musical future has in store.

Hand crafting endless possibilities