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Here is a Free Bass lesson for you all to get your teeth into. In the free bass lesson, I break down slap bass technique, in particular how to speed up your slap bass lines by incorporating the left-hand slap. The left hand slap in slap bass technique is fundamental to making your lines sound fast and also helps stop thumb fatigue by covering dead notes. This technique gives a more drumming effect on the bass guitar. If used well, it can mask ghosting notes and also opens up possibilities to hammer on notes which again make your lines sound like the thumb is doing more work. This technique has been heavily used with slightly different approaches by Bass players such as Mark King, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Les Claypool, Flea, Victor Wooten, Larry Graham and Louis Johnson. Once you have this technique under control, it is worth studying some of the slap bass lines by these masters to get a proper understanding of the technique.

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