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Here is an exercise to help focus on understanding Key Centres throughout the neck. Each position has recommended fingerings for smooth transitions. Make sure you Follow the fingering correctly as this will help develop smooth shifts throughout the neck.


I feel it is very important to visualise the scale shape in you mind. Here are some diagrams to help create a picture of the scale shape. Remember that memorising these shapes will help when transposing to other keys. Its also very useful to memorise the placement of the intervals, e.g two frets up and one string up from root is a perfect fifth.


Open Position                                  Close Position 1                            Close Position 2

C Major OP verticleC Major CP1 verticleC Major CP2 verticle



Practice Tips: –

Start by playing each position on repeat until it becomes comfortable. Then move through each positions (Open position, closed position 1 & 2) until the transitions feel smooth. Once you can freely move through each position try practicing along with the video.

Remember – This is not about playing fast, although having solid fingerings will help gain speed naturally. Practice Slow to begin with focusing on good tone and long notes.

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