Logging in, and problems with passwords

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Hey folks,

Just to let you know that some of you might be experiencing some problems with logging in. The site programs are out of date and may cause problems with certain browsers.

You might need to try a different browser (chrome, safari, firefox) if your desperate to get logged in. If you can’t get connected via email, you might want to try via facebook or vice versa.

This is only a temporary fault, the website is due to be switching over to a completely new site real soon. There will be lots of new material and some great new feature and they’ll be no more login problems.

This website is run by myself and all the videos, logos, video intros, promotions and content material is all produced by myself. Please be patient, as you may know there is a lot of work being done every week all for free.

If you wish to support the Free content provided, i have a donation button you can click on to donate a little something to help push things through to the next level.

I appreciate all support, thanks for tuning in.

Slap Happy

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Getting back to some shed time and decided to shoot this video last night after a wee practice.
Been trying to incorporate the double thumb thing into tradition slap playing. I find it pretty hard getting fluidity to switch between the two. I will be doing some lessons soon on the triplets and double thumb lines.

Check out the Video

Peter Muller’s new album “No Mind”

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Hey Folks,

If you guys haven’t heard of Peter Muller please check him out. He has just released his 3rd album which can be found on iTunes, amazon and on his website. The album is called “No Mind” which is a mix of old Skool funk flavours with contemporary groove based jazz.

Please support independent music by purchasing the album if you like it.




Back to the Shed

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Hey Guys,

Thought i would share with you a quick video of a warm up exercise i’m working on. Its a great sight reading exercise and really gets the picking hand working.

In this video I’m playing it at 90bpm but the goal is to play this at 120bpm.


……..Bring on the sweats ha ha!!!


Sekou Banch Practice

My New Signature Cocosbassment Bass in Production

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Hey Peeps,

Just a quick update on what has been happening. Things have been pretty full on with Gigs over the past few weeks so again apologies for the delays updating the transcription section of the site. I have now wrapped up the last few gigs and I’m heading back to the shed for some well earned practise. There will be more Transcriptions uploaded this coming week along with more lesson content. I realise I have neglected lesson part of the site for so long so stay tuned.

I am very proud to announce the beginnings of  my own signature model ACG Bass. Here are a few snaps of the woods Chosen for this bad boy.

For more information on AC Guitars visit





Bass WoodsIMG_7955

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