The London Bass Show 2014

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Had a great time down at the London Bass show. Met some great players and some new friends.

I had the pleasure of doing some demo work for AC Guitars. Some fine instruments he had on show at the weekend. If you haven’t checked out his instruments be sure to check out the website

Big shout out to John East, Michael Curtis Ruiz, Stuart Clayton, Morten Ehlers, Nick Smith and Andy Palmer.








AC Guitars Promo Video

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Hey Folks,

I hope the start to the new year has been productive for you all. I have to apologise on the lack of activity on the site over the past month. Things have been real busy for me on the work front but i am slowly winding done now to a quiet February.

I have been working on some ideas with AC Guitars and we have some exciting new to bring you in the coming weeks. I had the pleasure of making a little introduction video for AC Guitars so please check out the video and share with friends. You can find all information at


Now that things are winding down i promise to get some new transcriptions posted ASAP. I have had tons of requests from you all and not had much time to respond so please be patient. I plan to go hard at it in the coming weeks. If you haven’t done so already please follow me on facebook and twitter for all the latest news.


Thank you all for your patients and support




Happy New Year

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Hey folks,

I just want to wish you all a Happy new year. I hope 2014 will be jam packed with new musical goodies. I have lots of new videos coming soon to kick off the new year. I will be working hard to bring more video tutorials to accompany some of the transcriptions. As always I will be taking requests for lessons and transcriptions. Feel free to leave me a message in the box below. I will also be getting these requests out as soon as I can.

I’m just finishing up a Scottish tour at the moment. I will be home on the 5th and getting straight to work.

Anyhoo, I wish you all the very best for 2014. I’m looking forward to an exciting year of new music.


Merry Christmas

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Hey folks,

Just want to wish you all a great Christmas. I hope Santa has been good to you all. Thank you all for subscribing and following me on my musical journey. Hopefully you all learn as much as l have from these transcriptions.

Anyhoo all the best over the festive season and will have some festive treats for the website soon.

Merry Christmas

Still on the Road

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Hey Folks,

It’s been a while since I have last reported on what’s happening. Things have been really busy. Currently on the European leg of Snarky Puppy tour for nearing 2 months. We’ve been in 8 different countries and I am now looking forward to heading home on the 18th of November.

I have had a number of emails regarding transcription and lesson requests. I apologies on a slow response. Internet connection has not been great so posting new videos has been difficult.
I have some new videos coming soon. Some of which will be featuring AC Guitars latest instrument so keep an eye out for them.

Here are some pics from my travels.











AC Guitars

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Hey folks,

Just to let you know what’s been happening in my world.
I have been on a European Tour for the last few weeks. I was home for a week briefly and had the privilege of having AC guitars drop off some Basses for me to try out. We are teaming up for some demo work over the next while. Alan will supply me with some Basses to try out and I will release some demo videos. I will also be at the AC Guitar stand at 2014 London Bass Guitar show.
Please visit AC Guitars website for more information. Here’s a couple of pics of the beautiful Instruments he left me. A 5 string Recurve and a 6 String Fretless Krell model. Two Amazing instruments. Keep an eye out for the upcoming Demo videos.

Stay tuned for more info. If you want to talk about AC Guitars instruments please send me a little message.






Back on the Road

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Hey Folks,

Just had a short stay at home and now currently sitting on a plane in Germany to fly to Italy. European tour has begun, I will try my best to post some new transcriptions when I get a free day. I’m sorry to all of you have put forth requests. I will try and get thru them soon as I can!

Please if you can, check out my latest video of the Patricia Rushen track. If you can, give the video a wee like and leave me a comment.

I will have some exciting news to tell in the next few weeks so stay tuned for that. Lots of new things happening.

US Tour – Some of the sights

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Hey folks,

Been traveling around the US now for a good few weeks. Will be home soon and will have some new material for you guys seeking transcriptions.

Anyhoo thought I would post some pics of my travels.


Back in Chicago

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Great couple of days done of the Tour. Met some great peeps in Chicago, Racine and Dubuque. I’m now back in Chicago with a couple of days off. Managed to get along to Lingers Martini bar in the south side where I had my mind blown with Bassist Sharay Reed. Such a nice guy too! To top it all off another great Bassist turned up, Mr Rodney Jones Jr. Was so inspiring to see these guys play. Every musician in the band played it like it was there last gig.

Such a great night and to top it all off Rodney gave me a lift back to my hotel. He let me hear some tracks he’d been working on and his gig with Fred Hammond. Gobsmacked, these guys are the real deal! Aside from being great musicians, these guys are the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.

Please be sure to check em out.

Sharay Reed Here

Rodney Jones Jr Here



First Tattoo

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For years I’ve been wanting to get a tattoo so I finally bit the bullet. I booked myself into Tribe 2 in Glasgow with the incredible Raffaella Ricci. I explained what I was looking for and what I wanted to incorporate into the design. A few weeks later she came back with an amazing design. So here it is, the finished design, totally love it.


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